Our mold remediation services are guarantee to correct any residential or commercial mold infestation problem. Our ultimate goal is to restore the building back to normal living conditions.

  • Residential Remediation
  • Commercial Remediation
  • Mold Testing & Inspection
  • HVAC Cleaning

We offer mold removal services without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals (these don’t work anyway and are a short cut to proper clean up). Proper mold remediation involves removal of growth areas as well as proper clean up of aerosolized and settled mold spores. We always remove or clean mold with full containment procedures so that no spreading of dust and mold spores occur.

Since the majority of mold growth problems tend to hide inside wall, ceiling or floor cavities and are not always visible, it is important to figure out the extent of the mold growth issue and it’s location. In addition, airborne mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and require a proper assessment and removal to avoid future mold re-growth.

“A water leak in a bathroom” or “basement wall” is not enough information to determine the extent of the problem and where ‘containment’ needs to be installed. Successful mold removal jobs begin with a thorough ‘mold assessment’. A mold assessment involves a visual inspection, instrumentation survey for moisture and air quality as well as laboratory sampling of surfaces and/or the air itself. This provides us with information on what areas are affected, the seriousness of the infestation and where the mold spores are in the home. It is only with this information that we can provide a reasonable quote and scope of work on mold removal. In most cases, having a mold assessment done first can save you money on the removal portion since containment can be installed for the necessary areas. Setting up containment for an entire basement or guessing where the mold growth is, usually results in additional clean up costs.

Please note we are unable to provide reasonable quotes on mold removal without a mold assessment.
Because of the care we take in ensuring no spores and dust leave our work area, homeowners are able to remain in the home while mold remediation is undertaken (in most cases).

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