Our Process

Initial Consultation

» Clients disclose why they would like a mold inspection. Usually they have seen mold, smell a musty odor, feel a high humidity in the home or have become ill at home or a combination of these.

Visual Inspection

» Looking for visual mold, water stains, moisture intrusion.
» Recording humidity levels and temperatures from room to room.
» Checking suspect areas with a surface moisture meter to detect further moisture in wall cavities.


» The visual inspection and consultation will indicate which rooms need to be air sampled along with an outdoor control sample.
» If a surface area is suspect such as a carpet or piece of furniture then a swab or a physical sample can be taken.
» Click here to view a sample mold analysis report


» The report is written upon receiving the lab analysis. The lab results are interpreted in the report and visual findings are recorded.
» Recommendations are also included in the report.
» The lab results are legal documents and have individual identification numbers on them.

Recommendations and Removal

» Any recommendations should adhere to the New York City Department of Health Remediation Process or should be done by a Certified Mold Remediator.
» Mold removal can be more dangerous than having dormant mold in a home.
» Negative air pressure machines, hepa filters, gloves and masks should be used.

Final Air Sampling

» Air samples of the same rooms should be done after all moldy surfaces are cleaned or removed.
» Final air sampling will show mold levels decreased to an acceptable level in these rooms.
» Lab results from final air sampling is the proof you need to be assured that the infesting mold has been removed properly and completely.

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